Cold eases this weekend, warmup by next week

1:54 PM, Jan 25, 2013   |    comments
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When it comes to the weather, Mainers pride themselves on being a hearty, hard to impress bunch. So when my social media feeds were JAMMED with "It's cold!" statuses this week, I knew it was cold...even by Maine standards. (Now if only there was a temperature App for your iPhone that would easily allow you to screen capture and post it for the world to see. Hmmm that'd be something huh? :) )

Today: Some clouds are streaming into southern and central Maine right now so look for milky skies there, elsewhere it will be mostly sunny for the rest of the day. Temperatures are cold but not AS cold as the past few days, highs will end up in the mid teens inland and around 20 F at the coastline.

Tonight: That storm that at one point looked like a snow maker for Maine will be passing to our south overnight so the majority of the state will end up mostly cloudy. This cloud cover should keep temperatures warmer than the past few nights, but it will still be cold. I'm thinking -10 to +5 should cover us. I can't rule out a flurry over southern Maine, especially along the coastline as the storm to our south expands a bit. However, given that it will barely clip MA with snow I'm not concerned about any accumulation.

Saturday: Again an early morning flurry along the coast can't be ruled out but after that look for a fairly pleasant mixture of sun and clouds for the remainder of the day. Temperatures will jump up a few degrees when compared to Friday, highs will end up in the 16 to 22 F range. Still well below average (31 F), but still an improvement.

Sunday: High pressure regains total control. Mostly sunny with similar temperatures, 15-20 F.

More improvement on Monday as temperatures push into the mid to upper 20s. Clouds will increase rapidly by Monday afternoon however and set the stage for some possible icing on Monday night.

In theory it's crazy to try to predict freezing rain this far in advance, HOWEVER 1) I'm crazy like a fox 2) the signature looks pretty classic to me. A warm front will stall just south of Maine over southern New England on Monday night. This will allow warm air aloft to spill over the top of colder air at the surface. The temperature profile will be ideal for freezing rain, so it's really all about how much avaialble moisture there is to produce precipitation during that time frame. It looks light at the moment, but if this front get any juicier I'm going to have to ramp up my thoughts on the impact of icing through Tuesday morning. By the way this is an issue for southern Maine only as it stands, not northern Maine.

Eventually the warm front pulls through leading to some statewide rain on Wednesday afternoon and into Thursday. Pockets of freezing rain should be scoured out pretty quickly as the atmosphere looks like a torch at all levels by Wednesday evening.

Hard to believe, I know, given the current temperatures...but we will be dealing with some melting snow and rain by mid next week.

See ya!

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