A bit unsettled but not awful

12:22 PM, Nov 2, 2012   |    comments
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Last time I was writing my weather blog, winds were gusting to 60 MPH and it was raining sideways. Now, four days later, the "artist formerly known as Sandy" is still impacting our weather...but in a much less severe way.

At this point she's just a typical cut off low that we see often around these parts, especially during spring and fall. The same "atmospheric logjam" that steered the hybrid storm into us on Monday is still in place to our northeast. As a result Sandy isn't so much going to move away from us, as die out overhead over the next few days.

Although this setup sounds unpleasant, the results haven't been all that bad. With a downsloping wind the coastline has seen its fair share of sunshine over the past few days and I expect that sunshine to spread westward over the weekend.

Rest of today: Mostly cloudy over the mountains and northern Maine but more like a mixture of sun and clouds closer to the coastline. There will be a few isolated showers but they will tend to be more likely over western Maine and should be very light in nature. Temperatures will stay in the low to mid 50s.

Tonight: Mostly cloudy and pretty quiet. A few sprinkles are possible but 90% of the state will stay dry. Lows drop to between 35 and 40 in most spots.

Saturday: As that remains of Sandy weaken further I expect the showers to be confined just to the mountains on Saturday. That's because the mountains will be the first "barrier" between the upper level low and the coastline, so the showers will bank up against the windward side. Away from the higher terrain look for a mixture of sun and clouds with the slight advantage to more cloud cover. Temperatures will end up between 50-55 for highs.

Sunday: The trapped remains of Sandy finally weaken enough to be picked up by the jet stream and shipped out of Maine. As a result look for a cloudy start but increasing sunshine by the afternoon. This should be the brighter of the two weekend days, although it will be a bit cooler with highs only in the upper 40s.

A VERY cold shot of air moves in on Sunday night in response to things finally moving along in the upper atmospheric pattern. I think most everyone will drop into the 20s, even some teens in the mountains and western Maine.

That cold air will hang around for Monday and Tuesday, with highs only between 40 and 45 F. Those are HIGH temperatures mind you. The upside of this cold air? It will come with a big ridge of high pressure so sunshine will be plentiful on both days.

There's already some buzz surrounding a potential Nor'easter on Wednesday/Thursday so I'll address that now. (By the way, what is going on in the weather world? People are trying to call things earlier and earlier lately. When Keith "Wildman" Carson gets beat to the punch by 2 days on mentioning a storm...we are in a bad, bad place haha.) As it stands I'm not biting on a widespread snow event. The air is cold out ahead of the low pressure system, that's for sure...but people forget you need the PERFECT setup to get widespread snow this time of the year. I know it happened last year but that was a once in a lifetime kind of event, you shouldn't expect that to be the new norm. I think the cold air slides out of the way before storm full arrives and we end up with chilly rain along the coastline and interior with MAYBE some mountain snow. Still time for things to change of course, but that's how I see it now.

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