The latest on Sandy

8:51 PM, Oct 27, 2012   |    comments
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Hurricane Sandy is still on track to make landfall late Monday night into early Tuesday morning around the New Jersey/Long Island area as a post-tropical cyclone. I CAN NOT stress enough that even though she will be making landfall well to our south she is a powerful storm and will impact areas far away from the center. That includes us right here in Maine!

For us our biggest concerns will be strong winds, heavy rain, and coastal flooding. Yes...power outages are likely from this storm. If you have not started to plan ahead for power outages  please do so. Winds will start to increase early Monday morning. Strongest winds are expected along the coast Monday afternoon until Tuesday morning. Winds will be out of the east 25-35mph with gusts up to 60mph possible. The National Weather Service has issued a high wind watch for the places you see scrolling at the top of your screen. This starts Monday afternoon and expires 8AM Tuesday.

We will start to see some showers and developing rain moving in from the south as early as late Sunday. The rain will pick up in intensity and be heavy at times late Monday into Tuesday. As of now rainfall amounts range from 1-3". My biggest areas for inland flooding concerns are for the foothills and the mountains in western Maine. We could have some localized heavier amounts of rain in those locations. The rain should start to taper late Tuesday back to showers, but the showers will remain in the forecast right through the rest of the week.

Now on to the potential of coastal flooding. Just to make things even more interesting with this storm we have a full moon Monday night. That means that the tides will be running astronomically high from Sunday to Wednesday. On Monday wave heights out in the open water could reach 20' or more. For us at the coast will will be watching out for the high tides Monday and Tuesday night. A storm surge of 1-3' is possible leading to coastal flooding and splash over.

The worst of this storm for us should be over by Tuesday afternoon, but I expect there to be quit a bit of clean up from this storm. The low will meander north through Friday and keep our weather unsettled through the state of the weekend. We will of course keep you updated with Sandy as the latest information comes into the weather office. You can also see updates on my Facebook and Twitter feeds. (@klabrecque)

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