Reaction from Former Mainer Caught in Boston Lockdown

2:34 AM, Apr 20, 2013   |    comments
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BRIGHTON, Massachusetts (NEWS CENTER)-- Sarah Darcy, a former Mainer and WLBZ 2 employee, woke up this morning to an unexpected phone call. The voice on the other line told her to stay inside until further notice.

That's when the gravity of what was going on around her sunk in. Sarah lives one mile from where police where on scene and searching for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings.

She told NEWS CENTER about the range of emotions that she felt watching today's manhunt unfold right outside her front door.

"It's not so much fear as it's apprehension that it was so close to my home, but at the same time knowing that the situation in the city is being taken very seriously, so they're all over it," she said. "They have got every possible resource on this. And so I really didn't have that much fear, but it's definitely interesting when it hits your doorstep. It's very different to cover the news from a distance and watch the news from a distance, but when it's happening on your doorstep it's a different feeling all together."

She also said that she maybe in the middle of a manhunt, but the love and support of her, family, friends and community are keeping her strong.

"You know I've had multiple phone calls from neighbors and from friends far away. Text messages and facebook messages all checking to see if I'm okay," she said. "I'm usually the one doing that for them, so it's a very strange feeling to be on the receiving end."

















Darcy continued to say, "I think the one thing that everyone has been saying whenever they have a public forum to say it is just thank everyone for their support. The residents of the city of Boston appreciate that like you wouldn't believe. And we're a tough group, but we, the outpouring of love and support and messages of hope have been invaluable. And people's spirits that were crushed when this whole thing happened have been lifted up again by that outpouring. So it's just been, it's been a bitter sweet experience in many ways."

In a press conference this afternoon, officials said that they do not know when the manhunt will end, stating it could continue into tonight, tomorrow or through the weekend.



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