Would a new national park help northern Maine?

11:13 PM, Feb 14, 2013   |    comments
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(NEWS CENTER) -- The group that wants to bring a new national park to the northern maine woods says two new studies it commisssioned indicate it would do for communities around it what other national parks do already, bring economic development to surrounding towns.

   A foundation established by millionaire Roxanne Quimby is considering donating 70,000 acres she has already purchased around Baxter State Park to form the new national park.

  Lucas St. Clair, president of the board of the foundation called "Elliotsville Plantation" is also Quimby's son.  He says the reports prove that a national park or a combined national park and recreation area could be a boon to the region.

   The reports compare 16 similar communities in the U.S. with a national park, a recreation area, or a combined national park and recreation area.

 Quimby's proposal for a northern Maine park has drawn mixed opinions, including a cool reception from snowmobilers, sportsmen and the wood & pulp industry.

  We spoke with St. Clair on NEWS CENTER.


















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