Florida parents angry over video of school fight

4:00 PM, Feb 14, 2013   |    comments
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(WFLA) Parents are outraged after a student at Calvin Hunsinger School in Clearwater, Florida took a video instead of breaking up a fight near the bus drop-off circle.

9th grader Vanessa Chauvin says it started when a middle school student, who was supposed to be serving "in school suspension" attacked her.

"She just took the first punch and hit me and she started punching me and punching me and then she took my hair and she pulled it down and she kneed me in the face like four times, maybe five," said Vanessa.

The results of the knock down, drag out are bruises all over, including her temple, going unconscious, and a trip by ambulance to a hospital.

Vanessa's mom says Calvin Hunsinger, a school for students with emotional and behavioral disabilities, is supposed to have extra supervision.

A school district spokesman says appropriate discipline will be taken against those responsible

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