Gun stores report ammunition shortage amid gun control debate

5:01 PM, Feb 13, 2013   |    comments
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FORT MYERS, Florida (WBBH) - With Congress debating a ban on certain types of rifles, "panic buying" has hit an all time high-and it's leaving some gun owners with powerless weapons.

You can still buy a gun, but you might have a hard time firing it.

"There is absolutely no ammunition available for sale," said Travis Brunson of Guns on 41 in Fort Myers, Florida.

The shortage is specifically ammunition for 9mms and semi-automatic rifles-better known as assault rifles. If you do find it, you should expect to spend more than usual. Ammunition has doubled, even tripled, in price.

"It started with the election and then with Newtown it's just the demand has far outstripped the supply," said Tom Samean, owner of Citadel Gun Shop.


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