Maine workers take cold temperatures in stride

7:03 PM, Jan 3, 2013   |    comments
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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - The cold temperatures have a grip on the entire state -- making life difficult for everyone who needs to get out and about for school work or play.

Just looking at the sea smoke rolling on Casco Bay Thursday morning was enough to make you shiver, but life must go on -- even if our bodies revolt in these sub-zero temperatures.

Deckhands on boats ferrying supplies and people to the islands say the cold weather has little impact on their work.

David Crowley was loading up lumber for a job on Cliff Island. He says islanders have the upper hand -- or at least warmer hands -- this time of year.

The man with possibly the coldest job on this blustery day? Eugene Junkins -- helping direct traffic around a water main break in South Portland. He dressed for success to help keep warm.

Crews from Portland Public Services swept away the snow on the pond at Deering Oaks Park to prepare it for skaters. And despite the recent cold snap -- slushy snow in the center shows more cold weather is needed before the ice is really ready for action.

Let's hope Mother Nature finds that balance between bone-chilling cold -- and just cold enough soon.

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