MDEA: Bath salts violence down, drugs still common

6:17 PM, Nov 26, 2012   |    comments
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ROCKLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Maine drug agents say last week's arrest of an alleged bath salts dealer shows the drug is still in widespread use in parts of Maine.

Bath salts made headlines in the Rockland area and in Bangor last year, as drug users repeatedly turned violent. However, MDEA Sgt. Jim Pease says violence has been significantly reduced this year. He says some of that is because of chemical changes in the drugs themselves, apparently the result of the drug manufacturers changing their formulations to try to get around various state and federal laws. Pease says drug users have also learned how to handle the bath salts and better control their reactions to the drug.

While Pease says violence has been significantly reduced, he says the drugs are still commonly used. He describes Reckards as a "typical size dealer", and says there are a number of others in the midcoast area, most of whom purchase the drugs over the internet and then sell them to local users. Prescription pills, says Pease, are the area's number one drug problem, but bath salts are number two, more common than cocaine or heroin.


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