Saturday - October 20, 2012 at 7pm

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We're Wake Surfing, a sport with no strings attached. We'll meet the man at the helm of UMaine sports, Orono's own Steve Abbott. And We'll walk into a "Field of Dreams" as the Sea Dogs thank their fans.

This week's blog written by Bill Green:

Show #2011-16

Original airdate:September 10, 2011

Once again, I rather like the show. The first segment is on a new sport I had not seen. It's called Wake Surfing and it's self explanatory once you look at it. All you need is a 30,000 dollar boat and a surf board! I have one warning. Those guys make it look easy and they are better athletes than they look.

For more information, call Harry Hughes at Sun Sports. They can hook you up with lessons and I'm sure they'll be happy to sell you any equipment you might need.

Steve Abbott is a great guy. He had a little trouble getting that across in the recent gubernatorial election, but now he's in a job he's enjoying enormously. As Athletic Director, he'll use his one on one skills to try to boost UMaine's athletic program.

The archive story goes way back to last week. We have a fun piece with my good friend Bubb Copp and his cousin who finished tied for the state Sporting Clays championship. Bubb was named the winner when Keith didn't bother to hang around for the shoot-off.

And finally, we'll join the Sea Dogs in the hokiest, smaltziest, most maudlin promotion in all of minor league sports. I just love it. It's the Field of Dreams promotion that wraps up the season. I hate to see the baseball season wrap up, but at least we have the Patriots taking the field.

That's it. Have a great week. This is the only week of the month that Bill Green's Maine won't be preempted or partially preempted by Notre Dame football.

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