Youth advocates spark change in Seventeen Magazine

8:17 PM, Aug 12, 2012   |    comments
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WATERVILLE, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Three youth advocates are gaining national recognition for their stand against the portrayal of women in magazines.

Julia Bluhm is a 14 year old ballerina from Waterville and says last April she had had enough of young girls scrutinizing their bodies.

"The petition letter that I wrote I was talking about girls at my ballet how they feel uncomfortable with its the same for girls all over the world and I was talking about how that is because of images in the media that are photoshopped and like Izzy said it forms an unrealistic idea of beauty that girls try to live up to and it is impossible to meet."

So Bluhm and others from SPARK, a girl-fueled activist movement -- took 25,000 signatures to Seventeen Magazine's doorstep and had their own 'realistic' photoshoot.

"Seventeen published in their August issue an editor's letter where they talked about photoshop and there was a body peace treaty where they said that they would never change girls bodies or face shapes," says Bluhm.

Bluhm, Mya Brown, and Izzy Labbe were invited on a taping of the Katie Couric show to talk about their success and meet a famous ballerina.

"During the show they said they had a special guest and Misty Copeland walks on stage and I like freak out and 'she was very composed, I was sitting right next to her,' I was freaking out inside," said Bluhm and Labbe.

"And it was really cool because Misty Copeland said that she signed our petition."

Now the team is on to Teen Vogue and say they've done their homework for the magazine's Editor in Chief.

"She's signing Teen Vogues there or something and so we want to bring her instead of Teen Vogues all of our signatures... all 40,000 of them," says Labbe.


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