Paranormal hopes to be the new normal

7:28 PM, Aug 12, 2012   |    comments
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Prospect, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Things that go bump in the night or creatures from other worlds are normal topics of conversation at Fort Knox's Paranormal Fair.

Christopher Gardner, a UFO enthusiast and historian, was one of the speakers at the fair. Gardner said, "It brings people together to be able to talk about these events. Hopefully to open it up so there would be more  people that come up to us that have had their own encounters and sightings. To be able to share that information and make them feel more comfortable."

Attendees were invited to listen to lectures on various fields, share stories, follow along on a guided ghost hunter tour or have your future read.

Psychic James Beyor opened his talent to others, "It's a journey or adventure for most people, because most people don't know what to expect."

A steady stream of people entered the rooms of Fort Knox to have some insight to their future and some comfort from their past.

"People want to know things that aren't readily available to themselves or in their circle of friends and life," said Beyor.

Aside from being a forum for others to share their experiences with the paranormal, many of the experts wanted to banish the fear attached to the word.

Ahura Diliiza with the Unicorn Cove School of Metaphysics said, "People have an illusion about paranormal. That is just due to Hollywood. Anything can be made into something really scary. Paranormal merely means the normal and beyond."

Still Diliiza understands the power of the word and teaches others to use caution.

"Everything they see is not a demon. I'm very critical in my thinking. I don't just take soemthing at face value. Maybe it was a trick of the light, maybe you just had too many skittles maybe you drank too much maybe you're fighting with your wife," said Diliiza. "There's all those possibilities before we jump into the paranormal."

The goal is to make the paranormal the new normal.

The Paranormal Fair is just one of many events happening at Fort Knox. A full listing of upcoming events is available on their website.


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