Recycling Christmas

2:40 PM, Feb 10, 2014   |    comments
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JOHNSON CITY, Tennessee (WCYB) -- Do you ever wonder what happens to those Christmas trees that you discarded last year?

Many get reused, not as a centerpiece of the holiday, but as a place for fish to live and raise their young.

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, with the help of local cities, towns, and the Keep America Beautiful Campaign, place some of the trees in lakes across the state.

Nearly a thousand trees have been purposely placed in Boone Lake near Johnson City for fish habitats.

With no naturally-occurring shelter and a mud bottom in the lake, these habitats are a great addition for wildlife. 

"Fish come into the habitats. It doesn't make more fish, but it attracts the ones in the lake to one spot," TWRA biologist John Hammonds says.

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