Texas dog has a fondness for eating cash

12:34 PM, Oct 24, 2013   |    comments
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(KPRC) A family in Texas found themselves in a predicament that ended with them hanging dollar bills on a clothes line.

It started with a mischievous puppy.

Owner Cindy Molzer-Aranguren still can't believe the mountain of cash was in her dog's stomach just a few days ago.

While she was at the grocery store Friday, 5 year old misty got into a tin filled with cash and ate 54 dollars.

Worried the money would get caught in her stomach, Cindy brought Misty to the vet, where they found the wad of cash in her stomach.

The vet gave misty medicine to induce vomiting.

"She eventually just vomited 18 dollars, and the vet called me and said, yea she vomited 18 dollars," said Molzer-Aranguren.

Eventually, Cindy got all of her money back.


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