North Dakota girl shares sold out Taylor Swift concert with young cancer patient

5:43 PM, Sep 6, 2013   |    comments
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FARGO, North Dakota (KFYR) -- Taylor Swift is one of the biggest music stars around. Her concert Friday in Fargo sold out in a matter of minutes, so you can imagine how much money a scalper could make with some extra tickets. We found someone with some to spare, but making money was the last thing on their minds.

Meg Hepper is a big Taylor Swift fan.

"I like her hair, her music", she says.

She's seen her in concert twice already. And then she found out her favorite singer was coming to Fargo.

"I screamed and made a videotape on my computer. Then I cried."

Her parents got tickets for the family and planned for a big night. But then came a big complication.

"I have a swim meet in Minneapolis," says her sister Emma, 15. "And I wanted to go but I knew I have a commitment to my team."

Meg also had an extra ticket to take a friend. But they either couldn't go or already had one. After discussing what to do with those two tickets, they decided to have a family friend go on Facebook and ask if anyone who was sick wanted to go to the concert.

"We had tons of responses and then had to go through there and right under our nose was this little girl in Fargo," says Meg's mom, Jane Hepper. "And she's been battling brain cancer for two years and is in remission. And she just happens to be the same age as my youngest daughter."

"She listened to Taylor Swift during her chemo. And she's 10. Yeah," added Meg.

So I ask her, "And that's good enough for you, right?"

She says "Mmm hmm."

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