Phish concert draws thousands to Bangor waterfront

12:13 AM, Jul 4, 2013   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Thursday, our eyes will be on the skies watching fireworks. But Wednesday night, the Bangor waterfront was packed with people looking for a good show.

Phish was in town, drawing a crowd estimated to be around 30,000 loyal fans. Fans traveled from all over the country to see the band perform along the Bangor Waterfront, some even camping out in the parking lot overnight to see the show.

Anywhere you looked in and around the Darlings Waterfront Pavilion, phishheads were in site, fans of a band with a legendary following.  

"Theres always the same guys in the parking lot, the guys in the lot anywhere I go in the United States they're there," said Sean Mankiw.  

"There's nothing like Phish. Phish is it's own thing. And that's why I keep coming back because everytime I'm here is so happy its unlike any other thing ive ever been to," said Will Buchstaber.    

"I think theres just a passion for the music and a patience to it," said Ryan Herasymchuck.  

16,000 people were expected to attend inside the concert, and the same number was expected outside the concert unticketed, taking in the sites and sounds of the waterfront event.    

"A lot of visual stimulation out here. It's a good spot to be. Insides a better spot to be though for sure," said one Phish enthusiast.    

"There's a lot of places where you can easily listen to it and hear it without being inside we were here listening to the sound check earlier and the sound out here is amazing so I cant wait to get inside and see what it sounds like," said Herasymchuck.  

Phish fans say no show is ever the same.    

"Everyones always like why do you have to see a band 20-30 times? It's because every show is different. Every version of tube I've heard is different every version of this different or every verison of the venue or the way to get there is different," said a Phish fan.  

And as for the atmosphere...  

"Incredibly happy. Everybody just wants to be here its like a big family and everytime im at a Phish show I'm coming home. It's a big family reunion it's just like we dont know anyone but you could walk up to any person and give them a hug," said Bachstaber.      

And once the music got going, all of that...was clearly evident.


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