Class ring found in Vietnam returns home

6:11 PM, Mar 15, 2013   |    comments
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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Kentucky (WLEX) -- A class ring was found in a store in Vietnam, but who does it belong to? Some people in Montgomery County think it may belong to an alum of the high school.

"If the ring could talk, what would it know? What has it seen? Where has it been?" wonders Donna McGuire with Montgomery County Schools.

If you've ever doubted it's a small world after all, a class ring's story might change your mind. An international businessman working in Vietnam found a 1970 class ring with a red stone in a display case at a Vietnamese grocery store. He bought it because it piqued his interest. He's from Montgomery County, Maryland. Later, he realized it was probably from the other side of the mountains. It has the word "Indians" engraved on it, and that is the mascot for Montgomery County High School.

"This ring has our school colors, and it has an Indian on it, and we have not found another Montgomery County Indians as of yet," says McGuire.

McGuire is pretty sure the ring belongs to a Kentuckian, but who? The businessman mailed the ring to the school, and a posting was put on facebook about it, but so far no one has claimed it. It's silver, with a shield, and a red stone, which indicates maybe the owner is from Camargo, because Camargo used to have a seperate high school, which featured a red stone in their class ring.

"It's a neat story to think a ring was found in Vietnam and made its way back to Montgomery County."

A journey that perhaps has only just begun.

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