Fowl play?

5:32 PM, Nov 26, 2012   |    comments
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WEST MILTON, Ohio (WDTN) -- Three roosters are missing or at least, they're not where they should be.

It's ruffling a lot of feathers and it's breaking a little girl's heart.

The cast of characters is a funny looking bunch. They're called Silkie chickens because of their silk-like feathers.

They're bred for pets and show animals and these leading ladies have names plucked right off a Hollywood marquee.

There's Phyllis Quiller, named after the famous comedienne, Daryl Henna, instead of Daryl Hannah and the ever-popular Feather Locklear.

"I have five pages of names to use in the future and we call the farm Featherly Hills because all the stars are at Featherly Hills," says owner Bob Seale.

But, no laughing matter, the leading men have gone missing! Cluck Norris, Cluck Gable and Michael Cluck Duncan are no where to be found.

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