Setting new social media records on election night

7:07 PM, Nov 7, 2012   |    comments
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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - This election was expected to be a busy one for social media. Both Facebook and Twitter said that election night 2012 broke new records for being the most Tweeted and Facebook-ed event in history.

Prior to last night, the London Olympics this past summer held the title. We can actually look at one specific post from last night to see where the records were made. On both social networks, President Obama's post just after he was declared the winner set new records for both Facebook and Twitter.

He Facebooked and Tweeted this image after he was declared the winner:
-On Facebook the image has seen just under 4 million "likes" (and growing)
-shared over 510,000 times and has roughly 180,000 comments (and growing).

It was the most re-tweeted tweet ever. Getting, as of this afternoon, 510,000 re-tweets (and growing).

On their official Facebook Politics page, Facebook stated:
"Across the board, younger Facebook users dominated the chatter about the election yesterday and about President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. This is the reverse of what we saw throughout the campaign season, where older users scored highest during the national political conventions and the presidential and vice presidential debates. Tuesday, Nov. 6 really resonated with users age 18-35."

That reflects to what some towns saw in Maine. Bangor and Brewer mentioned that they had a high voter turnout among younger voters too.

As of 11:30pm last night Facebook says that these terms or phrases we're the top five of the night mentioned on Facebook:
1. Obama Wins
2. Romney
3. President
4. Four More Years
5. Come on

Earlier in the day yesterday it was -- Vote, I voted or Go Vote. Those three were bouncing back and forth.

Twitter also had a record breaking night. They said on their official blog this morning that there were 31 million tweets about the election and they track how many tweets per second they had last night too.

Twitter says they hit their peak of 327,452 Tweets per minute. And again the President's tweet after he was declared the winner -- saw 510,000 re-tweets and is still growing.

On our WCSH6 Facebook page -- our post about the results from Yes on 1 being declared winner saw the most amount of buzz:
That post saw:
-and 216 comments.
After that Angus King's victory was second. Our post declaring him the winner saw:
826 likes and 96 comments.

We should note too that we had a lot of posts on Facebook last night and if you combine all of our election result posts:
4,304 likes and just under 1,000 comments.

on Twitter, our Tweet about Yes on 1 being declared the winner saw the most re-tweets for all of our election themed tweets. It saw 105 re-tweets and 38 favorites.

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