Political mailers anger voters

6:56 PM, Nov 1, 2012   |    comments
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(WFIE) - With just a few days now until the election some voters are sounding off about an unwanted mailing.

The mailing contains incorrect information about their recent voting history.

The group behind the mailing is Americans for Limited Government.

They're being sent from Fairfax, Virginia and while what they're doing may not be illegal, it's not sitting well with some.

Like a lot of people, Indiana resident James Daily sees his share of political mail.

"Even if it's a politician I'm in favor of, it goes right from the mailbox into the shredder," Daily said.

But a week and a half ago, a certain letter caught his eye.

"I opened it up and it basically told me what my voting history was and the voting history of four of my neighbors," Daily said. "What was shocking to me was it showed that I had voted in the last election, but two years prior to that, I didn't vote and unfortunately that's not correct. I've voted every time in an election because it's my civic duty."

He's not the only one unhappy about it.

"Very poor thought on their part," Vanderburgh County Clerk Susan Kirk said.

Kirk says she's fielded six or seven calls about the letter.

"Two of the people that did call, they say, 'well I did vote in 2010.' Well, I looked them up and yes, it's marked, 2010, so who knows," Kirk said.

Kirk says Vanderburgh County and the State of Indiana don't have anything to do with these mailers, but some voter information is public record and can be purchased for political purposes.

"The print out comes out, it gives the person's name and address and then it starts, it goes back 10 years. It will say when you voted," Kirk said.

Kirk says the letter Daily and others received may not be illegal, but still, she understands their concerns.

"I could care less what my neighbors did, but what I do care about is if you're going to print information about what I'm doing, it better be correct," Daily said.

The group Americans for Limited Government says their goal behind this mailing is to increase participation in the electoral process.

The Indiana Secretary of State is advising anyone who receives the letter to disregard it.

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