Las Vegas cabbie retuns $221,000 in cash left in taxi

5:33 PM, Oct 10, 2012   |    comments
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LAS VEGAS (NBC) -- A cabbie might be called the most honest man in America.

In a city of temptation, cab drivers know honesty goes a long way.

They're constantly tested, but they rarely come across a situation like 42-year-old Adam Woldemariam's.

Last month Woldemariam found a black laptop case in the back seat of his van.

Inside the case he found more than $221,000 in cash.

Woldemarian went straight to his home office and turned the money in.

An hour after Woldemariam turned in the cash he got a big thank you hug from the owner, and a monetary reward.

"He gave 2,000 dollar. That's it," Woldemarian laughs.

His cab friends tease that's less than one percent tip, but to him, it means a lot to his parents and seven siblings in Ethiopia.

The owner reportedly won the money at the Wynn Casino but left it in the cab on the way to the airport.

When he realized he had forgotten the money he called the cab company, which informed him they had his money.


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