Bangor Fire

Bangor Fire
Bill Green

Join NEWS CENTER's Bill Green as he looks back on one of the most significant events in Maine's history:

The 1911 Bangor Fire

In 1911, Bangor experienced "The Great Fire" on Sunday, April 30th when fire broke out in a large hay shed on lower Broad Street at 4:00 pm. "Thousands of sparks, carried on the high wind, leaped the stream and ignited several sheds in the rear of Exchange Street businesses." 24 hours later Bangor had lost:
  • 100 businesses
  • 267 dwellings
  • 8 churches
  • 2 Brewer men
  • P.O /Customs Ho.
  • City Library
  • Norombega Hall
  • High School

Unquestionably, it was the worst disaster to strike the Queen City, reshaping the city's landscape, burning 55 acres, destroying 267 buildings, damaging 100 more and causing $3,188,081.90 in losses and damage. The conflagration left 75 families homeless, most of whom had lived from Harlow Street to Center Street to lower French Street. It destroyed more than 100 businesses during a nine-hour span.

Text and photos from Downtown Bangor History and Bangor in Focus
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