Dozens pulled from Rhode Island floodwaters

2:58 PM, Sep 3, 2013   |    comments
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CRANSTON, Rhode Island (WJAR) - Several inches of rain fell hard and fast in Cranston, Rhode Island Monday, triggering flash floods that wiped out the lower levels of two different buildings within the Dean Estates Luxury Apartments complex.

Those who were home when the water flooded through say they only narrowly escaped with their lives.

"The basement apartments were flooded out. They were up to the ceiling in no time. It was a touch and go situation for a little while here, so the guys did a great job. These people were scared, and they should have been scared. It was quite the scene when we showed up. We've seen a lot of floods and this was something," said Cranston Deputy Fire Chief Paul Valletta.

About 30 residents took refuge on the floor above, and had to be evacuated by boat. Most people on the lower levels lost everything.

"The couch was floating, my bed was floating, everything is just floating around. And I had things packed because I was supposed to be moving tomorrow, but apparently we're not taking anything with us now so," said resident Stephanie Mendez.


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