Ohio couple survives being hit by state police

3:52 PM, Aug 19, 2013   |    comments
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(WDTN) "This is the scariest thing as close to death as you can have happen to you," Corey Waldman said.

It was the only way Waldman could describe the terror of getting hit while riding his motorcycle.

Waldman and his wife Amy were on their way to get coffee Saturday night when they were hit from behind by an Ohio State Highway Patrolman.

It is something Corey and his wife Amy said they are lucky to survive.

"All of a sudden, something just slammed us in the back," said Waldman. "I think I went off to the left side," said Waldman. "I couldn't see her at all. And we just slid, and slid, and slid. The only time it wouldn't hurt for two seconds is when my helmet would hit the ground."

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