One runway remains closed after plane crash at San Francisco International Airport

11:48 AM, Jul 8, 2013   |    comments
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(NBC NEWS) -- Investigators say low air speed was a contributing factor to the weekend Asiana Airlines crash that left two dead and dozens critically injured.

Wreckage from the plane is sitting on the runway way this morning.

A stark reminder of the chaos late saturday morning.

Today investigators will go through the debris piece by piece.

Meanwhile, the plane's black box recording is already offering clues about what went wrong.

They say the black box voice recording from inside the cockpit, captures crews calling for increased speed just seven seconds before the crash.

One and half seconds before impact, the crew unsuccessfully tries to abort the landing.

"We see seconds before the crash on the flight data recorder that they did push those throttles up and try to get some power," says NTSB Chairman, Debbie Hersman.

This morning the National Transportation Safety Board will continue to analyze the damage strewn along runway 28 left, of the San Francisco International Airport.

South Koreas transportation ministry says the pilot was in training to fly boeing triple 7 and less than 50 hours experience flying the plane.

The boeing triple 7 was ending a more than 10 hour flight from Seoul, South Korea.

When witnesses say the plane's tail hit the seawall just beyond the runway and broke off.

Images from the NTSB show rows of seats ripped off their hinges.

Two 16-year-old girls from China were thrown from the plane and killed.

The coroner is investigating whether first responders say they may have run over one of the girls in the chaos.

This morning more than a dozen survivors remain hospitalized, doctors say several are in critical condition.

"The most serious injuries were the combination of abdominal injuries, spine injuries, head injuries, injuries to their extremeties," says Dr. Geoffrey Manley.

Doctors say its a miracle so many survived.

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