Residents being to clean up after deadly tornado

3:38 PM, May 22, 2013   |    comments
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MOORE, Oklahoma (NBC News) - Moore, Oklahoma officials believe they've pulled all survivors from the rubble of Monday's  devastating tornado as well as all bodies. 24 people were killed, and more than 200 are injured.

With rescue and recovery efforts now complete, the focus shifts to the mammoth task of rebuilding the 17 miles of destruction

Progress is already visible, but make no mistake, this is a huge, emotional project for those involved

Oklahoma Congressman Tom Cole represents the people of Moore. He toured the area Tuesday. 

"I literally could lose my bearings surrounded by the wreckage in streets I've walked across for decades," Cole said.   

Meagan Jackson recently lost her father. Now she struggles with emotion after the powerful e-5 twister took what memories she had. 

"My dad passed away and i had all his stuff in there and that's not anything you can replace," said Jackson. 

 Maria Rodriguez meanwhile is counting her blessings. 

On Monday she raced to pick her kids up from the now destroyed Plaza Towers Elementary School. 
"I saw that there was a lot of glass windows and then I though this isn't going to work.  I gotta get them out and that's kind of what made my choice," said Rodriguez

Choices made in split seconds to replay again and again in the minds of the victims as they struggle to cope in the midst of disaster.

NBC News

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