President Obama wins second term

2:56 PM, Nov 7, 2012   |    comments
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(NBCNC) - A burst of emotion at the Obama victory party in Chicago - the moment the race was called. 

And early this morning, there were celebrations around the country -- from New York, to Los Angeles. 

And the White House, where President Obama will spent four more years. "Whether I earned your vote or not, I have listened to you. I have learned from you. And you have made me a better president." {FLASH} "We're not as divided as our politics suggest. We're not as cynical as the pundits believe. We are greater than the sum of our individual ambitions and we remain more than a collection of red states and blue states. We are and forever will be the United States of America!" said President Barack Obama.

His speech came after a call from Mitt Romney. Who told supporters in Boston he gave it his all, and insisted Washington must come together. "The nation, as you know, is at a critical point. At a time like this, we can't risk partisan bickering and political posturing. Our leaders have to reach across the aisle to do the people's work," said Mitt Romney, (R) Former Presidential Candidate.  

"The Romney family has chosen to give back to this country through public service, and that's a legacy we honor and applaud tonight," said President Barack Obama.

The President won with slim majorities in key states: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado, and New Hampshire.

Virginia and Nevada weren't called till early this morning -  After he was declared the projected winner. 

Still outstanding, Florida, Where at 2 am, people were still in line voting. 


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