Summer lobster and pasta dish

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 Café Miranda Recipe for a dish called "Summer" Serves two.

This very popular dish embodies the FRESH flavors of the Summer Harvest at our Headacre Farm in Owls Head, the Bounty of our Coast from Jess' Seafood Market here in Rockland and Fresh Handmade Pasta from Café Miranda. A perfect blend of "local Yokel" folks & foods!

This is soooo easy, like the song says: "Summer time, and the livin' is easy.


* 12 ounces of fresh Café Miranda pasta. Sub another Local fresh pasta if you

ABSOLUTELY cannot find Café Miranda's. Use a Spaghetti, fettuccine, "like,

whatever" ...

* Large Headacre Farm or Local Heirloom Tomato (or a few small ones) 14+- ounces

before cutting . Cored, medium diced.

* 1 Ear of Weskeag Farm or other local sweet corn, kernels shaved, give the dog the cob.

Tell her/him Miranda was named after a dog.

* ½ bunch of Headacre Farm (yeah yeah, or other local blah blah blah) curly parsley,

washed & chopped very coarse

* 1/4 tsp of minced garlic

* 3 + ounces of Maine Olive oil (just kidding) Any good extra Virgin works well. Put more than you thing is correct, trust me.

* 8 Ounces of cooked, picked MAINE LOBSTER meat, cubed. Chilled.

* Coarse salt

* fresh cracked pepper

* Half a Lemon


4-5 quart pot boiling, lightly salted.

Prep all the ingredients as described above.

In a suitable bowl, place the diced tomatoes. Sprinkle w/ salt & mix a bit., let sit 10-15 min. and the salt will draw out some of the liquid that becomes part of the "sauce".

Place all the other stuff, EXCEPT the noodles, corn and tomatoes in a large bowl..

Heat a heavy skillet to medium hi heat, drop the corn and stir to lightly toast and intensify the color. As the color changes, remove from the heat, add the tomatoes.

Drop the macaroni (that's what my Ital American Grandma called ALL pasta.

Cook as directed, Café Miranda pasta - 5 min.

While the pasta is cooking, add the tomato-corn mix to the remaining ingredients in the bowl.

Drain the pasta, DO NOT RINSE and drop it on the assembled goodies in the aforementioned bowl. AND LEAVE IT ALONE. For 5 minutes.

What is happening here is the heat of the "macaroni"and the tomato - corn mixture, is gently warming the ingredients without really cooking them. When you just can't wait ANY longer, toss, turn out into a nice serving platter or plate individually, season with a healthy amount of salt & pepper (this almost health food so some salt is included in the inevitable trade offs we all do...) . Have some Café Miranda Famous Original Brick Oven Focaccia, a chilled prosecco, a companion.....ahhhh.

* Café Miranda Fresh pasta is available in quality markets from Bar Harbor to Bangor and south. Go to for a list of retailers!
















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