The AFL-CIO releases New immigration ads bashing House Republicans

6:08 PM, Nov 7, 2013   |    comments
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(KGET) -- New immigration commercials were released Wednesday, bashing House Republicans.

But, some people aren't in favor of the controversial ads.

The ads were released by the AFL-CIO, the labor organization that represents more than 50 unions in the country.

The hard-hitting commercial ad shows clips of several Republicans making controversial remarks on immigration.

The AFL-CIO hopes to get a response from the ads. Labor leaders say they want the commercials to trigger action, by having House Republicans support immigration reform and protect workers' rights.

"We are trying to put the pressure on these Republicans so they can do the right thing and pass immigration reform with a road map to citizenship," said Gonzalo Salvador, AFL-CIO spokesman.

But, not all people support the ads.

Vince Fong, Spokesman for Bakersfield Congressman Kevin McCarthy, released a statement Wednesday afternoon: "There are apparently many outside groups that want to try to misinform our community. Congressman McCarthy continues to work on finding common sense solutions to immigration reform in a step by step process beginning with securing our border."

Labor leaders say the ads will run in large Latino areas, including Denver, Colorado and Orlando, Florida.

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