Pride weekend comes to a close with special Organic Dancing class

11:51 PM, Jun 30, 2013   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Members of the Bangor Community have been going strong since Wednesday celebrating during Bangor Pride Festival. On the final day of festivities, some laced up their dancing shoes and let it all out on the dance floor in a celebration of themselves.

Every Sunday morning, Sarah Hentges leads an Organic Dance Class at the Bangor YMCA.  

"It's so open and free and it's really just about moving as it feels good to you. And it can really be a class for really self discovery of who you are and who you want to be," said fitness instructor Sarah Hentges    

"Organic dancing is really free, there's a structure to it but there's also a freedom with it too," said participant Rillyria Sherifi.    

But this week's class was a little bit different.    

"I worked in some ideas of keeping up the momentum and I featured some special, mostly out-lesbian, artists with the songs that we had and the different type of messages in the songs that we played," said Hengtes.      

"Like with tight rope by Janelle Monae we talked about keeping on that tight rope and having to stay on that really thin line and keep our balance and how we can get off of that tight rope be who we really are and move how we want to," she added.    

And that mindset was crystal clear as from song to song, the dancers expressed themselves through their movement, celebrating themselves as pride weekend comes to a close.  

"It's just amazing it's a safe space for all of us and it's just a time where you can really move and there's so few opportunities that we have in our lives that are so structured and so tightly scheduled just really move as it feels good to you so its an amazing feeling that is one that you don't always give yourself permission to feel," said Hengtes.  

Allowing themselves to keep the momentum going during this time of celebration.


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