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Some afternoon showers for Father's Day

7:16 AM, Jun 16, 2013   |    comments
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Let's face it; yesterday was pretty much a perfect day. It was warm enough for me to get my beach on (but not go anywhere near the 51 F know it's bad when even the kiddies don't go in), but with low humidity other outdoor activities like hiking were just as pleasant.

I would LOVE to give you a repeat forecast for Sunday, but alas I cannot. (Well I could but I'd be more wrong than usual, which isn't ideal).

Today: In short, this is the best part of the day (assuming you are reading this in the morning). High pressure will cling to control until around noon, allowing mostly sunny skies and a pleasant start to the day. However, clouds will rapidly increase from west to east during the early afternoon with most of the state ending up mostly cloudy by 2-3 PM. After that a round of showers will pop up in the mountains and move slowly eastward towards the coast. Most of the shower activity will be pretty light, and not everyone will get hit with one, but it will still be difficult to plan outdoor activities for the late afternoon. Temperature wise we will be pretty standard, mid to upper 70s inland with low 70s along the coastline.

Tonight: Scattered showers will continue on a statewide basis until around 1 AM. After that look for gradual clearing from west to east as a cold front moves offshore. When it's not raining look for mostly cloudy conditions and some patchy fog.

Monday: The first half of Monday looks pretty decent, a mixture of sun and clouds as that first cold front is offshore. By the afternoon, however, a secondary cold front will swing in and touch off some scattered showers and thunderstorms. The activity this time around will be pretty scattered, somewhere in the 30% chance range. High temperatures will flatline in the mid 70s by the early afternoon.

The mountains and northern Maine will deal with some more shower activity on Tuesday but the coastline should be able to maintain an even mixture of sun and clouds.

The EURO model, as predicted, was right about Wednesday (#IlovemesomeEURO) so look for mostly sunny skies through midweek and continuing into Thursday.

The Big Picture: All and all not a bad week...but no summer heat in sight. With this troughed out pattern I'd say our next chance to break 80 F won't arrive until next Monday...a solid 8 days away. We are having a really hard time breaking down a persistent ridge in the west, trough in the east pattern.


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