Brewer Police ask for publics help in finding copper thieves

6:16 PM, May 8, 2013   |    comments
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BREWER, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Police in the city of Brewer are asking for the public's help in cracking down on recent burglaries involving copper thefts there.

The department is investigating around 10 different copper thefts that have occurred over the last 4 weeks involving several vacant and abandoned properties in Brewer. According to Sgt. Jay Munson, with the Brewer Police Department, the thieves are taking copper piping from the properties to resell at around $2 a pound. The occurrences aren't happening in one specific area and police are still investigating, but to try to help in the effort of finding those responsible, Munson is asking for the publics help.

"We're asking anybody that sees anybody in the area that generally aren't in the area, that they don't recognize and that might be in or around any vacant buildings, that they give us a call," said Munson.

If you do have information about any suspicious activity you can call the Brewer Police Department at 989-7001.


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