Fargo homes demolished to make way for flood dikes as waters approach.

12:59 PM, Apr 23, 2013   |    comments
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FARGO, North Dakota (KVLY) - Moving trucks are still in some Fargo, North Dakota driveways as the wrecking ball moves in.

Neighbors in the Oak Creek neighborhood still can't believe two-story beautiful homes that have been staples in the neighborhood are now gone.

"This one started being torn down this morning. It's sad we're losing a lot of people," said Ellen Keim as she watched one demolition.

The city had no choice but to demolish the homes this week to make room for a dike.

Down by the river, city engineers walked the bank making sure areas were cleared of snow for sandbag levees.

"They are expecting the river to rise and we want to be ahead of it," explained city of Fargo engineer Kristy Schmidt.


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