Bangor Police ask stores to stop selling legal drug "Spice"

11:19 AM, Apr 20, 2013   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- The Bangor Police Department is asking for help from local businesses, to get a legal drug off it's street that they compare to the product known as Bath Salts.

The synthetic marijuana, known as Spice, is perfectly legal to sell. However after events that have occurred in Bangor's Downtown over the last year, police want it to be removed from the shelves of all stores in Bangor.

"Even though this is legal, we understand what the side effects are," said Sgt. Paul Edwards with the Bangor PD. "We know this is killing and poisoning our citizens, our kids, our parents, our loved ones."

The drugs side effects include High Fever, Rapid Heart Rate, Vomiting, Hallucinations and even Seizures in some cases. It's those side effects that prompted the Bangor PD to take action. They've asked The Herbal Tea & Tobacco Shop, Cash X-Press, and Headies to all remove the product from their shelves. Owner of The Herbal Tea & Tobacco Shop, Chris Ruhlin has heard from both sides of the debate since he complied with the request.

"We've received an enormous support from the community, from the city and from our neighbors," said Ruhlin. "We even have customers who are grateful and then we have a lot of disappointed people too. That is the reality of that."

The store Cash X-Press has also stopped selling Spice to it's customers. Headies opened it's second store on Main Street in Bangor on Wednesday. They've agreed not to sell Spice at their new location but wouldn't comment as to whether they're currently selling it at their Broadway store.


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