A Mixed Weekend

7:31 AM, Apr 5, 2013   |    comments
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Earlier this week, when it looked like a snowstorm was possible for the weekend, I shared with you the fact that my wife would likely walk out on her weatherman husband if it snowed on her April birthday (Saturday). Fairly enough.

Well crisis averted (not to say she couldn't still leave...but it would be more likely related to the realization that she is 156% hotter than I am), as that coastal storm threat is currently passing to our east as a harmless rainmaker. It will bring us some cloud cover today, and maybe a few showers, before high pressure builds in for Saturday.

Today: With that storm to the east look for the thickest cloud cover along the coastline, especially early in the day. However, as the day progresses the storm will move farther east, taking a lot of the cloud deck with it. As such I'm calling for partly sunny skies for most of the day, even though it looks overcast in spots right now. In additional to the coastal low there is a cold front pushing down from Canada into the mountains. This front, and not the coastal low, will bring us the chance for a few scattered showers by the afternoon. The best chance of shower activity will be int he higher terrain and into Downeast Maine. Many of us will stay dry through the entire day and temperatures will push into the mid 50s.

Tonight: After an early shower Downeast look for clearing and chilly conditions. Behind the cold frontal boundary are some brisk winds from the northwest, so a biting wind will be likely after midnight. Actual low temperatures will fall to into the mid to upper 20s.

Saturday: A very bright day with high pressure in place...but also one of those days that LOOKS much nicer than it is. (I get that all the time). Despite sunny skies from start to finish I expected temperatures to stay in the low to mid 40s in most locations with a VERY strong northwest wind of 15 to 30 MPH.

Sunday: A weak little warm front/cold front combo system will approach on Sunday. It looks like the mountains will catch a few flurries in morning, while the rest of the state stays mostly cloudy and dry until the afternoon. At that point (the afternoon) showers will breakout in a more widespread fashion pushing from the foothills to the coastline by late in the day. Temperatures will be a bit warmer than Saturday, but the lack of sunshine will put a damper on the day in general.

The focus of our mid to long range forecast continues to be the exact placement of a warm frontal boundary that looks to stall over southern New England through the work week. Just to review (in case you weren't paying attention in yesterday's class!): To the north of the front will be cloudy with temperatures in the 40s, to the south of the front will feature more sunshine with temperatures into the 60s.

There is still a good deal of computer model disagreement on where the boundary sets up, but at this point I'm going to keep us in the 50s on Monday as the front stalls to our south. Then on Tuesday I've put in a chance of widespread showers as the front pushes northward into Maine. By Wednesday and especially Thursday I think we will break into the "warm sector" which will allow temperatures to crack 60 F.

Is it a lock? Nope. But any many foolish enough to lock in a spring warm front in Maine might as well just wear skinny ties, smediums and overly-hipster glasses.

Wait a second....

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