Searsport Reacts to Tank Withdrawal

8:02 PM, Apr 3, 2013   |    comments
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SEARSPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Searsport, Maine hardly looks like a battleground site, but it has been for more than two years. The fighting ended yesterday when DCP Midstream announced it would withdraw its plans to place a 138 foot tall liquified propane tank in the town.

Those who live in Searsport had mixed reactions to the surprise withdrawl. Some, like Astrig Tanguay, were happy about the decision.

"It was clear that the project was simply too big for the space," Tanguay said. "It was out of proportion for our region and it wasn't going to be safe for the entire region."

Others, like Faith Garrold, were upset by the news.

"I was very disappointed," Garrol said. "I felt that it was a company that had come here with a decent proposal for the town, and that could help to bring some prosperity."

Garrold, a long time resident of Searsport, believes fighting industrial growth in Searsport is a big blow to the town's economy.

"We know many young people that are working out of the state because construction in Maine has been down. And we train people for jobs that just aren't here, and they aren't going to be here if Maine keeps treating businesses the way DCP was treated in Searsport."

But Astrig Tanguay believes there is a better way forward for business in Searsport.

"We can't sacrifice any one particular industry to serve another. There aren't ports and bays like this all up and down the coast. There's just a few. So we're in a great position to say we'll find a project that's going to benefit everybody."

For the foreseeable future in Searsport, there is no tank in sight. And hopefully that means calmer waters around the port and in the town.



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