Wellness in the workplace

6:16 PM, Mar 28, 2013   |    comments
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AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Finding new ways to help employees live healthier lives and reduce costs for employers were just some of the ideas discussed at a conference in Augusta Thursday.

'Bringing Health Care into the Workplace' drew dozens of business owners and human resources managers from across the state. They got a chance to learn about successful wellness programs taking place in Maine businesses.

National Distributors which ships beverages, started it's wellness program several years ago. Employees get an extra 50 dollars in their paycheck when they get a physical, which is provided by the company.

The screenings have helped prevent chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease and saved the company several hundred thousand dollars a year in health care costs.

'It gives them good feedback about their health and getting in to see a primary care provider and having a primary care provider which seems like common sense to many, some just don't do it' said Jeff Kane, the president of National Distributors. 

National Distributors plans to kick off a new program where a trainer will come in and design fitness programs for employees. Under the Affordable Health Care Act, beginning next year employers will be able to use 30 percent of employee health insurance premiums for wellness programs.

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