Jury unable to reach verdict in trial of Falmouth parents

11:55 PM, Feb 6, 2013   |    comments
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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Jurors were unable to reach a verdict Wednesday, in the case accusing Falmouth parents of allowing underage drinking at a party in their home.

Barry and Paula Spencer are facing 7-counts of allowing minors to drink alcohol. There were initially 9-counts, however 2 counts were dropped Wednesday when witnesses failed to testify.

After closing statements, Jurors went into deliberation. According to Attorneys, Jurors asked for the legal definitions of the words knowing, and allowing.

After hours of deliberations, Jurors were deadlocked on a verdict and the Judge offered two options: hear a readback of the testimony, or suspend deliberations. The Judge polled the Jurors, and enough said that going home for the evening "might help."

The Jury will resume deliberations at 9am on Thursday.



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