No Snow, But Colder Temperatures Aren't Going Anywhere

3:19 PM, Jan 22, 2013   |    comments
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Well the snow was a miss since it moved slightly farther to the east. We were really only 30-40 miles away from our forecast being perfect. We'll get em next time.

The rest of today will stay chilly with temperatures in the teens. mostly cloudy skies out there with clearing skies as we head into the evening. Winds will be out of the northwest and somewhat light, around 5-10 mph, but will be enough to affect wind chills and make things feel colder than they actually are.

Tonight wind chills will be a major issue throughout Maine and New Hampshire. Temperatures will fall to or below zero in all locations. Add 10-15 mph winds to that and you get dangerously low wind chills in much of the region. Northern Maine could see wind chill as low as 50 below 0. It really isn't safe to be outdoors for long at all when it is this cold. Hypothermia and frostbite are major problems. All skin should be covered if any outdoor time is necessary at all. Please don't forget about your pets either!

We'll see mostly sunny skies by tomorrow. Temps will stay quite cold though, in the single digits for most, up to 11 or 12 in Southern Maine. (What do you call those anyway? They're not teens? Double digits?) It will still be quite brisk with a west wind at 10-15 mph.

Thursday will be about the same as Wednesday.

By Friday, temps warm up a few degrees. Clouds will increase on Friday evening as another low pressure approaches our area. Looks like much of the area could see some snowfall as we head into the day on Saturday.

Temperatures "warm up" as we head into Sunday and Monday, back into the upper 20s and low 30s.


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