Turkeys tumble to freedom

12:13 PM, Dec 13, 2012   |    comments
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INDIAN TRAIL, North Carolina (WCNC) -- The Carolina Waterfowl Rescue Center needs help caring for 26 turkeys that were turned over to them this week after they somehow fell off a truck traveling through Charlotte.

"They all are just pretty much beat up. Lots of bruises and cuts," said Jennifer Gordon, who runs the center.

Animal Control had them first after the turkey's were rounded up and the county was more than happy to turn them over to Waterfowl Rescue.

However, 26 baby turkeys -- or polts as they are called -- is a lot for the center to handle right now.

The turkeys have never lived outside and with the cold temperatures they must be kept penned-up in a kitchen for warmth.

The center is asking for donations to help with the cost of caring for them, which includes the cost of special feed and the medical bills for 26 injured turkeys.

"Thankfully, their fractures are in the wings which they will be unable to use anyway," said Gordon.

If there is some good to come out of all this it is that the 26 turkeys will all escape being on someone's table for Christmas dinner.

"They got the official turkey pardon," Gordon said. "Not from Obama but they are definitely going to have good lives now."


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