What's Up With Sandy?

4:01 PM, Oct 25, 2012   |    comments
Steve McKay
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Sandy.....seems like such a pleasant, non-threatening name, doesn't it?  However, the Sandy that is now located just north of Cuba is anything but non-threatening, as she has now developed into a strong category 2 hurricane.  More on Sandy in a bit, but first.....

Another wonderful day across the Pine Tree State, thanks to high pressure in the driver's seat of our weather pattern.  That high will stick around for awhile longer, which means Friday will feature a generous helping of sunshine as well. In fact, with the high a bit further east, we will notice more of a southwest flow of air tomorrow, which will steer some milder air into our neighborhoods. 

An eastbound front will slow down and eventually stall just to our west by Saturday, so Saturday should stay pleasant and dry with a mix of sun and clouds developing.  Clouds will be more common on Sunday, and we can't rule out a passing shower or two, but it appears most of the day will stay dry.

As for Sandy (did you catch the earlier post from Keith Carson? He did a great job with the various possibilities...)  As the hours tick-by, the computer guidance we follow is indicating that Sandy will make landfall Tuesday morning to our south (right around northern New Jersey.)  If this is the case, then we can expect some rain Monday night and Tuesday, with some gusty, but not much for damaging winds.  However, and this is a BIG however, if the center of the storm tracks more to the north, we would be in for a significant rain and wind storm Monday night and Tuesday with widespread power outages.  But again, the trend seems to be taking the center of the system to our south.  A change in track will bring a change in the forecast, so make sure to check-in with us often tomorrow and through the weekend.

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