Fit at Five: Virtual Spin Class

2:53 PM, Jun 4, 2012   |    comments
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  • It's time to hit the road on this week's Fit at Five. Avid bikers have been reaping the benefits of hitting the open road for years. If you are weary of riding outside there is a way to get the benefits of a long ride without having to leave the gym. Spin classes have been gaining popularity and for good reason. The low impact workout gives you the ability to crank up the intensity of your workout in a controlled environment.

    At Quest Fitness in Kennebunk they now offer virtual spin classes. These classes allow people to come into class and escape through the scenery the screen takes you through. A class like this has been shown to provide tremendous benefits in lower blood pressure, weight reduction, and improvements with cardio vascular health.

    We have provided a link to Quest Fitness for more information on their virtual spin class.

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