Outdoor Federation is defunct

3:54 PM, Oct 31, 2011   |    comments
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AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Maine Outdoor Federation which was intended to unify the voices of attempting has gone defunct.  The leadership void in the Maine outdoors offers a unique opportunity for the Sportman's Alliance of Maine (SAM).

The new Executive Director of SAM is former legislator David Trahan.  He's looking to rebuild SAM's membership and its prominence on Maine's outdoor scene.  He is the third SAM Executive Director in the past eighteen months.  The organization is attempting to replace the powerful influence of George Smith, who remains an active lobbyist and journalist at the state house.

"I want to put an equal effort into building membership, working with fish and game clubs, working with youth, women, veterans and working to become a much broader organization than it has in the past," says Trahan.  He came to SAM from the legislature and hopes to use his knowledge of government to be an effective lobbyist for SAM. However, he feels the organization's strength will be in building member services.

The driving force behind Maine's Outdoor Federation was Don Kleiner who is Executive Director of the Maine Professional Guides Association. Kleiner thinks the idea of the federation was a good one.  He believes that in these difficult economic times, people do not have the volunteer time necessary to make such an organization go.  "People are busy doing their own thing," he told NEWS Center. "Still, we need to present a more unified voice on major outdoor issues."


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