Michaud briefed on dangers of bath salts

5:51 PM, Oct 20, 2011   |    comments
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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Maine law enforcement officials are looking to the federal government for help in combating the growing problem of bath salts.

In Maine it is illegal to sell or use the drug, but that's not the case in other states. Police say the drugs are readily available over the internet.

The purpose of Thursday's meeting was to brief Rep. Mike Michaud (D-2nd District, Maine) on the bath salts problem here in Maine, in hopes that he will push for federal legislation that would ban the drug.

They are sold in packets claiming to be things such as plant food or jewelry cleaner. But inside are potent and dangerous combinations of chemicals known on the streets as bath salts.

Their arrival in Maine caught law enforcement officials off guard -- and Bangor has been ground zero in the war on the drug.

Ron Gastia, Bangor's police chief says it's the worst drug he has ever seen in his 29 years of police work.

"When people are out there delusional and psychotic and believe that people are after them and members of the public become part of that delusion, then that's a very dangerous drug," said Gastia.

Congressman Michaud says he's heard all he needs to hear about the drug. He pledged when he goes back to Washington next week he'll talk with the Speaker of the House to try to get the bill to the floor immediately.

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