Fit at Five: Push-up Challenge

6:28 PM, Jan 27, 2014   |    comments
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These days, social media offers us a fun new twist to get in shape. Workout challenges have been popping up all over Facebook offering people a place to share their experiences. Forget all the fancy equipment and gym memberships, this workout challenge shows how something as simple as a push-up can help whip you into shape. It's the 100 push-ups in 100 days challenge!

Personal trainer Greg Popp was looking for a fun way to help motivate his friend that was training for a triathlon. He created a Facebook pushup challenge expecting only a couple people to sign up. He was blown away at the response, within three weeks he had 160 people on board from all across the country.

So why a push up? It's a simple exercise to do and you can virtually do them anywhere. You don't need to do all one hundred push-ups at one time, it's just within the day. Plus, Gregg tells us that it's a great conversation piece. A fun twist to the challenge is the fact that people are posting pictures and videos of the most unique places they get their 100 push-ups in. One person even posted a video of doing push-ups in the dentist waiting room.

The next 100 days push-up challenge starts February 1st. Click on the link to join. (You need to be logged onto Facebook for the link to work)

100 Day Push-up Challenge

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