Fit at Five: Small Town Inspiration

2:02 PM, Dec 9, 2013   |    comments
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A special thing is going on in the town of Mexico. A small town with some big inspiration in an unlikely place. An old school house has now been turned into a gym. Owner Rich Viitala knew that offering a place for people to workout is just what this town needed, but what has happened here has exceeded his expectations. He started with offering just one workout class here and there. Now he has a loyal following and has helped so many change their lives dramatically.

"I run the place, but they make the place alive."

Here you are not a gym member but part of a team. The group of ladies we met at the gym have lost hundreds of pounds together. Proud of their journey and the place they call home. Their success they credit to the support they get from one another and the added push from Rich. His famous saying...I'll never quit on you so don't quit on yourself.

"I tell everyone that the first step to fitness or living healthy is a positive mental approach. Once you start living that way you can change yourself and then you can change the world."

Do you have a special place like this in your hometown? We would love to hear about it! Please feel free to share it with us in the comment section below.

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