Fit at Five: Iron Bill Inspire

1:54 PM, Oct 7, 2013   |    comments
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Never underestimate the bond of firefighters. On September 25, Portland firefighters got together to workout, but this workout goes beyond your basic pushup or sprint. It's called the Iron Bill Inspire workout. Thousands of firefighters across the country uniting to show their support for those injured and killed on May 31st in a fire in Houston, Texas.

Captain William Dowling, or Iron Bill as they call him, survived but had to have both legs amputated. As he fights to recover the Iron Bill Inspire Facebook page was born. The hope, to inspire people as they go through the healing process. Talk about the power behind social media. This page now has over 3,000 likes and is cluttered with pictures of firefighters showing their support through a good old fashioned sweaty workout.

So why a workout? Just think about how important it is for a firefighter to be in shape. The heavy gear, the hot conditions, and the adrenaline rush. Portland Firefighter Ryan Thomson tells us that he is excited that this motivated them to come together and workout together and a team.

"If something happens it doesn't matter where you are in the firefighter community we should stick together and keep our thoughts and prayers going for when tragedies like this happen."

The Iron Bill Inspire workout. So much strength, so much power... when people come together and sweat for a good cause.

We have provided a link to the Iron Bill Inspire page for more information.

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