Fit at Five: Cleanse

3:44 PM, May 6, 2013   |    comments
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Still feeling sluggish and unable to shed that winter layer? On this Fit at Five we have the answer to help you make the transition into Spring. A cleanse is a perfect way to reset your body and get you reacquainted to eating whole foods again. It doesn't need to be extreme to make a difference. For a gentle cleanse try eating whole foods for a week and cutting out inflammatory foods like dairy, gluten, and processed sugar from your diet.

Wellness consultant Amy Cochran says to think of a cleanse as a vacation for your body. Why does your body need a vacation? Certain organs like the liver which help to detoxify the body may be overworked by bad eating habits. Those bad eating habits can in some cases lead to carrying around ten or more pounds of unhealthy toxic waste in the body. A cleanse gives that overworked liver some tender loving care. Amy says that most people at the end of the week notice more energy and focus.

How this cleanse works:
* Keep in mind that you do not have to restrict calories for this cleanse. You are eating and eating a lot of whole foods until you are satisfied.
* No Caffeine - If that is a struggle a good way to ween yourself off coffee would be to switch to green tea.
* No dairy, gluten, and processed sugar
* Try starting your day with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. It gives you a little zing helping to neutralize the body and get it ready for the day. You can dilute it in 8oz of water.
* Incorporate one green smoothie or juice into each day.
* Take care of yourself. Take the time to relax, exercise, and go to bed early. Remember this is a vacation for your body so take care of it.
* Journal about your experience. Take note on how certain foods make you feel. You may also notice a difference in how you feel once certain things are eliminated in your diet.

This is a great way to get help change your eating habits. The hope is that you will continue some of these healthy eating habits once the week is done. A cleanse can be done at any time. Amy suggests recommends doing a cleanse at the change of all seasons. It's a great way to help the body adjust to new temperatures and reset. As well as a perfect way to take advantage of seasonal produce.

Feel free to contact Amy Cochran for more information of a gentle whole foods cleanse and for information on any upcoming group cleanse sessions. Her next Spring session will be May 27th - June 3rd.

Amy Cochran
Wellness Consultant/Holistic Health Coach


























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