Fit at Five: Dr. Lisa

2:16 PM, Mar 18, 2013   |    comments
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Think out of the box and focus on just on not just healing the body, but also the soul and the mind. That's what one doctor says works thanks to the use of integrative medicine. On this Fit at Five we see how Dr. Lisa Belisle is spreading the word on health and mindfulness.

"I just think that we tend to look at things in a very black and white fashion and traditional medicine has looked at things in a very black and white way." ~Lisa Belisle

Instead of fixing a problem with a pill how about fixing things from the inside out through the mind, body, and soul. Dr. Lisa uses integrative medicine to help her patients. Think of it as a greatest hits list of all the healing practices taking a look at the evidence of what works.

Once thought of as thinking too outside of the box Dr. Lisa says that the use of integrative medicine has gained popularity in the state over the past few years.

"Acupuncture has always been thought to be related to endorphins which increase when you put needles in and it helps with pain. What we know is that when you put acupuncture needles in meridians it changes the pattern in the brain. We look at MRIs and know that there is something neurological going on there that it is more than just endorphins."

QiGong, an energy based movement, helps to bring spirituality into the mix and takes the healing process one step further

This emphasis of balanced living is featured on the The Dr Lisa Radio Hour and Pod Cast. Each week featuring a diversity of guests covering a wide range of subjects.

"It's all about helping people find a joyful integrated way of living on their own terms."

Reaffirming how being healthy and feeling good is important for us Mainers. Integrating life into living to it's fullest.

We have posted a link for more information on Dr. Lisa and her show.







































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