Fit at Five: Barbara Deschenes

4:51 PM, Oct 8, 2012   |    comments
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Barbara Deschenes is a fighter. Like many who have been diagnosed with cancer she felt blind sided.

"You get diagnosed and you start off with why me, and you're angry and you have all kinds of questions."


At the end of 2011, a month after her routine mammogram, her gynecologist sent her for an ultrasound to check a couple cysts. What they found was a 4 centimeter tumor that had potentially been growing for 3-5 years. Something that was difficult to be detected through a mammogram due to the density of her breasts.

Through chemotherapy and radiation life and priorities have changed over the past year. Nutrition and exercise have also taken on a whole new meaning. The Dempsey Center has played a large part in her healing process. From yoga classes, to massage, to something as simple as a hug

"They really make you feel like you are not alone. You know nobody should go through this alone."

On October 13-14, hundreds of people will gather to take part in the Dempsey Challenge. Many of them cancer survivors. Other racing to support a loved one who has been faced with cancer. Barbara and her team are ready to take on the Dempsey Challenge and have raise over six thousand dollars for the cause. She says that doing the fundraising and supporting the organization that has supported her is a great way to heal. We have provided a link for the Dempsey Challenge for more information.

Barbara has also been working with the advocacy group Are You Dense to help pass legislation in Maine to improve the dialog between patients and physicians about a woman's breast density. So far four states have passed it in their legislature. You can learn more about this in the Are you Dense link we have provided.




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